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Earthwatch Kenya: Lakes of the Rift Valley
November 3 18, 2004
  Faces of Earthwatch Kenya:


David, Principal Investigator, Entomologist specializing in Lepidoptera, a.k.a., moths and butterflies. Past lives: Mathematician and Parish Priest in the Church of England.

Jo, Entomologist. Benthos (lake floor) and termite expert. Teaches at the University of Cambridge.

Timothy, Ornithologist. Works and studies at the National Museum of Nairobi. Does bird calls and bird dances.

Joseph, Entomologist, specializes in butterflies. Works at the National Museum of Nairobi, Kenya.

Pavla, Independent researcher. Conducting studies on Spirulina (blue-green algae).

Bernise, from the UK, grew up in Uganda

Chris, from the UK, our veteran Earthwatch volunteer

Elfree, from China who got the best tan

Julia, from the UK who gets the award for the most bug bites

Kate, from the UK whose skin absorbed the most DEET

Kumar, from India, who ended up with purple feet and was visited by a scorpion in his tent

Lanette, from the United States, Tootsie Roll® supplier and currency exchanger

Selected Staff:

Velia, Camp Director extraordinaire

James (Njoroge), driver, mechanic and assistant researcher

Reuben (Ndolo), driver and boat operator

Simon, hired driver and certified wildlife guide

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