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Earthwatch – Kenya: Lakes of the Rift Valley
November 3 – 18, 2004

Anti-Malaria Medication - Dreams of Malarone®:

Anti-malaria medication is strongly recommended if one is travelling in this country. I decided to take Malarone® instead of doxycycline or larium. One of the interesting side effects of Malarone® is that people often have vivid dreams and I was not exempt. Though I usually dream in color, and in movie-like mode (wide angle, close up, shifting perspective, etc.), the colors, textures, shadows, sounds and touch were enhanced. The first night I took a pill, I dreamt that I was walking in a grassy field. The ground was becoming increasingly spongy as I continued to walk into a glade. I could see individual blades of grass, in varying shades of green. Shadows on each blade of grass were distinct. I could hear the squishing sound beneath my feet, cool air on my skin and soft sounds of buzzing insects. As I bent down, the ground began to slowly split apart. Cool, clear water began to bubble up and otters began to heave themselves out on to the grass. Then I woke up.

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