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Earthwatch – Kenya: Lakes of the Rift Valley
November 3 – 18, 2004

Living Conditions:

Campsite Velia has run this camp since 1995 and it is exceedingly well run. From a camping perspective, we wonted for nothing. We lived in individual army-style tents, slept on cots, and were provided with linens, pillows, blankets, bottled water, toilet paper, a bucket, a washbasin, and a chair. Electricity was available at this particular campsite, solar showers were set up and fresh enclosed pits were always available. Down the road was Lake Bogoria hotel. Each afternoon or early evening, James would take us down there. For 150 Ksh, we could swim in the hot or cold pool. Taking a cold shower was free. I felt almost guilty that we had access to such luxuries when the vast majority of the locals did not.

Speaking of pits, “thrones” were placed over them. These were essentially modified chairs with toilet seats on top. Personally, I found them difficult to use as they were better suited for someone at least 5’-8” tall. Having lived in Thailand for over two years, I was used to the squatting technique. Not only that, it was safer. If someone didn’t check the stability of the throne before using, it could collapse. In fact, early on, Velia blamed the men for moving the thrones and not putting them back properly; both she and another woman were victims of such “thoughtless” people. However, it could have been me, but of course I didn’t say anything. Hee, hee. Sorry, Velia, if it were me! After her initial complaint, I made sure that the throne was put solidly back in place. If anyone else fell down, the finger should be pointed elsewhere.

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